An ongoing matsuri-okoshi ("bringing about a festival") project, focusing on the "Taiyo Daikansha-sai" ("Festival for our great thanks to the Sun").
TAIYO33OSAKA began after the earthquake and tsunami disaster in eastern Japan on March 11th, 2011. Our activities are based in Osaka, the city renowned for its arts and comedy scenes. We are committed to cultivating an environment in which honesty and dialogue are encouraged; a future that our children can look forward to. We encourage people to increase and enrich their knowledge and appreciation of the issues surrounding energy and resources.

The Taiyo Daikansha-sai is a culmination of our activities, designed to heighten the audience, participants, the people of Osaka and the organisers' awareness and appreciation of the arts, energy and resources. Through bringing about the festival, we hope that we can all think seriously about environmental issues, the role of the arts, as well as the transition from dependence on certain energy sources to independence from them, while considering how Japan can be rejuvenated after the disasters of March 11th.

We aim to offer a space in which people can interact and connect, and reflect on what it means to be human.

We hope to be a source of "genki" ("energy and happiness") to the rest of Japan, a country which has confronted many issues and tensions since March 11th.

Achako Please
Representatives, TAIYO33OSAKA

Event information

Date 10:00am-5:00pm Sunday, March 3rd 2013
Place Higashi no hiroba, Osaka Expo Commemoration Park
Festival fee Free (entry into the Park incurs a fee of 250 yen for adults and 170 yen for primary, junior secondary and college students)


1. 1000 Taiyo Drums: Banpaku "Don don don!"

33 drums, arranged to resemble a sun dial, are the centre of this drumming spectacular involving 1000 people drumming together. Grab a percussive instrument and release your inner rhythm, regardless of your age or experience in drumming!

2. Aho Aho: A Happiness Powerhouse

Enjoy learning and experiencing different forms of creating energy!

3. Yoga Expo

A yoga session on the grass, involving over 100 people. Breathe in and breath out to the future!

4. Children's Paradise

Workshops for making instruments, "monster tents" to draw in - a child's dream come true!

5. Food and drinks will be available from food stall "TAIYO33FOOD"